• .Net (C#/VB)

    merge text on image and save it into the media library – Visual Studio 2012 using C#

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    To merge text and image into a single image, we have to convert the image to a writable bitmap, render the text over the image and position it, and then save the image.


  • Cybersecurity

    Bitdefender’s BOX: All-in-one Cybersecurity

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    Is BOX available in my country? Bitdefender BOX is currently available only in the United States and is not certified for use outside the US. We are planning to release the BOX in other countries as well. What is BOX? BOX is designed to protect your home network and all connected devices. BOX detects online…

  • YouTube User ID and Channel ID

    How to get YouTube User ID and Channel ID?

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    Each YouTube channel has a unique user ID and channel ID. These are used to refer to the channel in certain apps and services. To find your channel’s user ID and channel ID, sign in to YouTube and check your advanced account settings page.

  • MySQL

    Difference between On Delete Cascade & On Update Cascade in mysql

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    In the SQL standard there are 5 different referential actions: CASCADE ON DELETE CASCADE means that if the parent record is deleted, any child records are also deleted. This is not a good idea in my opinion. You should keep track of all data that’s ever been in a database, although this can be done…